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How we transformed a hotel business into one of most popular choices in Guruvayur today.
Fuwad Panangai - CEO & Executive Director ’s statement
When we approached Hotel Bozz 3 months back, we were looking for a quick boost to our sinking hotel business. We had everything a reputed hotel needs - well-trained staff, clean quality rooms, dedicated customer service......yet we were not getting the business we deserved. We needed professional help to create a solid marketing strategy, so we decided to consult Hotel Bozz. Hotel Bozz staff has been very communicative and helpful from the start, and showed us the exact path to achieve our business goals in a realistic time frame. I am glad to say that just 3 months since using Hotel Bozz services, we are making good progress and our profits have risen sharply in record time. In another 6 months, we are certain that we will achieve our targeted goal with Hotel Bozz’ help.
Problem Identification

Bhasuri Inn was started 13 years back, and ran successfully for a few years, with many loyal customers to credit. Somewhere along the line, the hotel suffered setbacks in terms of maintenance and began to lose customers. Sales went down by about 50-60-%. Several efforts were made to revamp the hotel and give it a new look, as well to delight and regain the trust of customers, but the bad reviews the hotel earned online as well tough competition from other hotel businesses in Guruvayur made it tough for Bhasuri Inn to make a full comeback.
It is in such a dire situation that Bhasuri Inn decided to consult us. We first researched Guruvayur and studied the general profile of frequent travelers to this town, their accommodation preferences etc. We also studied the marketing strategies of competing hotels in the area.
What we found is that most guests arriving for accommodation in Guruvayur are well-educated, modern individuals who are connected to the web and regularly use the internet to explore the area of travel for places to visit, accommodation options etc. We also noticed that competing hotels followed the traditional business model of gaining guests by walk-ins or referrals. Some of them had a traditional website, but they were not active in the online space. This was an aspect we could leverage on to give Bhasuri Inn the facelift it badly needed. Hence we devised a comprehensive digital marketing solution package which had the following components:

Hotel Business Package Kerala


The first step was to give Bhasuri Inn an amazing website which would establish its online presence as a hotel of repute. We designed the site to be responsive to cater to internet users on different devices. We conducted a photoshoot of the hotel property and showcased them on the website with detailed descriptions of rooms and services. We also introduced a feature called price management, where the prices are configured to change based on room demand (which depends on the days of special occasions at Guruvayur Temple). Thus guests can view the rates for any set of dates and try different date combinations for the most economical option. The site also features online booking and payment options, making it easy for the new gen travellers to make a reservation quickly and in a hassle-free manner.
Hotel Management Software Kerala


We also provided an m-site that caters to the bulk of clients booking using the mobile. The m-site has only the essential features of the full website, yet offers the same functionality and is adapted for use on the small screen.

Mobile app

We created mobile apps for Bhasuri Inn (one for Android and the other for iOS users). These apps allow hotel reservation and other guest services in a quick and convenient manner, and aims at generating repeat business through special discounts and deals for loyal customers.
Hotel Business Package Kerala

Hotel Management Software (erp)

All hotel operations including reservation, front desk activities, accounting, hotel operations, etc are integrated into one single system for better performance and ease of running the business. Bookings made through different channels - travel agencies, phone calls and walk-ins are seamlessly managed by a single channel manager, so that cases of overbooking/underbooking are avoided. Simplification of front-desk activities means less staff required for the same job. Better management of guest information allows enhanced customer service and follow -up with email / sms marketing.
Hotel Management Software Kerala

Hotel performance analytics app

This app is designed for the hotel owner to view snapshots of the progress made in various aspects of business - number of rooms sold, revenue breakdown, restaurant sales etc.
Restaurant Management System Kerala

Digital marketing

We also provide SEO and facebook promotion services for Bhasuri Inn. This has helped the hotel gain rapid online popularity and attract new customers through the power of social media.
Within 3 months of our comprehensive efforts, Bhasuri Inn has seen rapid sustainable growth in customers and overall sales. They have been able to achieve 40 % of their sales target within this short period of time, and expect to achieve full target in the next 6 months. With the help of our hotel application software, all operations are streamlined and error-free and this has made a tremendous impact on budget management, staff utilisation, guest service and overall hotel performance. With our consistent SEO efforts, Bhasuri Inn constantly ranks high in major search-engine results, thus successfully diverting web traffic to the hotel website and driving conversion.
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