Fuwad Panangai - CEO & Executive Director’s statement
When we approached ATEES 3 months back, we were looking for a quick boost to our sinking hotel business. We had everything a reputed hotel needs - well-trained staff, clean quality rooms, dedicated customer service......yet we were not getting the business we deserved. We needed professional help to create a solid marketing strategy, so we decided to consult ATEES. ATEES staff has been very communicative and helpful from the start, and showed us the exact path to achieve our business goals in a realistic time frame. I am glad to say that just 3 months since using ATEES services, we are making good progress and our profits have risen sharply in record time. In another 6 months, we are certain that we will achieve our targeted goal with ATEES’ help.
Sooraj - CEO & Executive Director’s statement
We had everything a reputed Ayurvedic retreat centre needed. Still, our business wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. Even with our customers leaving happy with our exceptional treatment and environment, leading Ayurvedic doctors, well-trained staff, affordable packages and sublime Ayurveda restaurant, we were unable to reach out to our potential customers to improve the business. Since our ordinary website was not making any profits, we realised we needed professional help if we were to continue providing our best services. We needed to create a solid marketing strategy for our business to reach out to our potential customers online. We approached Hotel Bozz with the intention of building our business back up to where it deserves to be. From the very start, they’ve been extremely helpful and guided us along the path to achieving our business goals in a realistic time frame. In just 3 months our business was observed to have a record-breaking jump in the numbers of new customers. We’re confident that in the next 6 months we will reach our targeted goal with the help of Hotel Bozz.
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