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Deepanjali Wellness and Retreat Centre - Thrissur - Kerala - India

How we helped them to carve a niche place for itself in the ayurvedic resort industry
Sooraj - CEO & Executive Director’s statement
We had everything a reputed Ayurvedic retreat centre needed. Still, our business wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. Even with our customers leaving happy with our exceptional treatment and environment, leading Ayurvedic doctors, well-trained staff, affordable packages and sublime Ayurveda restaurant, we were unable to reach out to our potential customers to improve the business. Since our ordinary website was not making any profits, we realised we needed professional help if we were to continue providing our best services. We needed to create a solid marketing strategy for our business to reach out to our potential customers online. We approached Hotel Bozz with the intention of building our business back up to where it deserves to be. From the very start, they’ve been extremely helpful and guided us along the path to achieving our business goals in a realistic time frame. In just 3 months our business was observed to have a record-breaking jump in the numbers of new customers. We’re confident that in the next 6 months we will reach our targeted goal with the help of Hotel Bozz.
Problem Identification

Deepanjali has always made a good impression on their customers, because of which they had repeated customers opting for various Ayurvedic treatments and received good referrals from them. When they came to us they weren’t well versed with the concepts of digital marketing but hopeful that we could provide them the visibility they required for their online audience. We researched about the Ayurvedic resort industry and found out that Deepanjali had all the qualities of being the best in the market and only lacked online market for their business. Most of their potential customers were well-educated individuals who preferred online research and bookings instead of traditional means. This caused a major problem for Deepanjali resort since their ordinary website had near to nil digital visibility to compete with their rivals. We compared the marketing strategies their competitors were implementing and designed a digital marketing solution package exclusively for Deepanjali wellness and retreat centre with the following components…

Hotel Business Package Kerala


We started with creating a prodigious responsive website for Deepanjali wellness and retreat centre which would be well matched with their reputation and represent their online business. We conducted a photo shoot of their resort property and equipped the site with clear sharp pictures along with detailed descriptions of rooms and services available. To configure the price change per room requirement and to include offers on special occasions, we introduced price management to this website which also facilitates the customers to choose different date and rate combinations to find their ideal treatment and room requirements. The online booking and payment options were added to the website to attract modern individuals who prefer hassle-free booking and payment online.
Hotel Management Software Kerala


In addition to the website we provided to attract desktop users, we knew without a mobile site to rope in hundreds of potential customers who depend on their mobile for bookings and payments most often than their desktop computer, our work will be incomplete. Hence we also provided them with an m-site that offers the same functionality of the website by incorporating the essential features of the full website for use on a smaller screen.

Mobile app

Having a fully functional desktop website and mobile site was enough to captivate their potential clients, still we aimed bigger, to draw the attention of youth by creating Android and iOS mobile apps for a convenient booking and payment experience.
Hotel Business Package Kerala

Hotel Management Software (erp)

We also provided a Hotel Management Software for real-time integration of all hotel operations such as reservation, front desk activities, accounting, etc into a single software. Bookings made via various channels such as online, agents, direct hotel and telephone calls are smoothly handled by a single channel manager to avoid overbooking/underbooking. Well managed guest information results in improved customer satisfaction rates and follow ups with email and sms marketing.
Hotel Management Software Kerala

Hotel performance analytics app

We designed an app just for the hotel owner to manage the hotel with real-time booking and sales updates made available at his fingertips. This simple app shows the number of rooms sold, revenue breakdown, restaurant sales etc.
Restaurant Management System Kerala

Digital marketing

Once Deepanjali opted for digital marketing, our SEO experts got busy with their work and with our Facebook promotion services, they gained rapid online popularity and started attracting new customers with the power of social media. In just 3 months of our extensive efforts, Deepanjali Wellness and Retreat Centre was observed to have an expeditious growth in customers and overall sales and are expected to achieve their target goal in the next 6 months with sustainable growth. With our Hotel Bozz package, smooth running operations was made possible which had a great impact on budget management, staff utilisation, guest service and overall hotel performance. With our steady SEO efforts, Deepanjali still ranks high in search engine results and successfully diverts the web traffic to the hotel website.
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Hotel Business Management Kerala,Thrissur, India, UAE, Dubai, Singapore, UK, Europe, Australia,

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Hotel Management Software Kerala , Thrissur, India, UAE, Dubai, Singapore, UK, Europe, Australia

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Restaurant Management Software Kerala, Thrissur, India, UAE, Dubai, Singapore, UK, Europe, Australia

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