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  • Responsive Website
  • Mobile Application (iOS and Android)
  • Hotel Software
  • Restaurant POS
  • Hoteliers App (iOS and Android)
  • Digital Branding and Marketing
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Brand Website
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Digital Branding and Marketing

We Strongly Believe In Giving You More For Less

HotelBozz provides you with all the software tools and services to run your hotel effectively.
More than 10 software solutions at an affordable price which helps to organize,
manage and customize every aspect of your business.

Our primary focus is to simplify your sales pattern, maximize your revenues and save your time.
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And the best part, Your monthly bill will never exceed the amount of monthly subscriptions for the hotel solutions you choose!

Booking Chart Manager

Cloud-based collaborative booking chart enables multiple users to manage bookings from any location and using any device.

Auto Sync Booking Engine

Performs automatic updation of inventory and rate information to the booking engine. As soon as a room is booked, the booking chart updates automatically.

Automated Alerts

Create alerts for scenarios set by the admin, such as rooms held too close to arrival date, rooms holding expiry soon etc.

Brand Website (Desktop And Mobile)

Get an amazing website that can grab web traffic and drive conversion. Build a strong brand image online and depend less on online travel agencies (OTA) to sell your rooms.

Paperless Multipart Coordination

Say goodbye to endless paperwork. System generated voucher emails can be delivered to guests, agents and in-house recipients. Web-based backup of all booking and revenue information gives real-time data for analysis and better strategic planning.

Ease Of Operability

HotelBozz can be easily setup and implemented quickly with minimal training. Unified architecture and Interface manage your booking chart and channel manager using a single login.

Got 70% Increase In Revenue

What's our happy clients have to say ?

When we approached HotelBozz 3 months back, we were looking for a quick boost to our sinking hotel business. We had everything a reputed hotel needs - well-trained staff, clean quality rooms, dedicated customer service......yet we were not getting the business we deserved. We needed professional help to create a solid marketing strategy, so we decided to consult HotelBozz. HotelBozz staff has been very communicative and helpful from the start, and showed us the exact path to achieve our business goals in a realistic time frame. I am glad to say that just 3 months since using HotelBozz services, we are making good progress and our profits have risen sharply in record time. In another 6 months, we are certain that we will achieve our targeted goal with HotelBozz’s help.

Fuwad Panangai - CEO & Executive Director’s statement
Hotel Bhasuri Inn, Guruvayur, Kerala, India


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What exactly is HotelBozz ?

HotelBozz is your ultimate solution for smooth running of all the hotel departments digitally. This complete Hotel business package provides a Responsive Website, a Mobile Site (M-site), Hotel Management Software, Hotelier’s App and Hotel Booking App for both Android and iOS devices. Track your performance and bookings/sales from your front desk/mobile in real-time while enhancing your customer reach at an affordable price.

What do I have to lose if I don't enroll with HotelBozz ?

Our complete package for hotel management leaves nothing out. Unlike other hotel management software, we can promise you that all your requirements and more will be satisfied with all the features we offer such as, a Responsive Website, a Mobile Site (M-site), Hotel Management Software, Hotelier’s App and Hotel Booking App for both Android and iOS devices. We don’t just create and install this software, our work isn’t complete without keeping our technology updated always to ensure our product brings you increased business in the future as well. For your needs regarding upgrades/modification on the present system or even for a new product in future, we’re always here to help.

How it is possible for HotelBozz to provide services at such a cheap rate ?

We don’t compromise on quality. Then how do we offer all these features at an affordable price? We have a large trusted client base for HotelBozz software package, hence we are able to offer the same affordable price to many hotel businesses at once, rather than focusing only on one or two businesses.