Bring your restaurant to your customer

Process all orders, whether room-service, dine-in or takeaway, with high efficiency using our restaurant POS software. Give your customers timely and high-quality service and ensure no order gets missed or delayed. Also gain insight into restaurant performance through detailed reporting and analytics tools.


Room service

The tight integration between restaurant POS and hotel PMS allows you to access the guest database and bill your guest directly. You can also set credit limits, add restaurant bill to guest folio or accept direct payments.

Dine In

View your restaurant table seating arrangement along with status of each table - occupied, reserved, vacant, to be cleaned etc. Manage table reservations efficiently and assign tables to waiters for seamless delivery of services.


Maintain guest database with complete address information for quick delivery. Built-in map feature helps to route delivery in a most economical manner.

Take away

Easily settle take away orders through an intuitive POS interface that is tailored to prompt staff through a specific sequence of tasks quickly and efficiently so that the customer wait time is minimised.

Kitchen Display

All orders, pending and served are easily viewed on the kitchen dashboard so that the staff does not miss any order.


The kiosk facility allows customers to give their order at their convenience, allowing fast and efficient service. Guests can easily select food items, modify their selection and confirm their order in Kiosk mode.

 POS Software for Hotels & Restaurants Kerala


Add/void items

Make instant changes to an order and add or remove items even after order confirmation. There is no need to issue a separate bill for order changes. The bill gets automatically updated, along with SMS confirmation of the order change.

Split bills

Customers can come with special requests to split a bill by seat, item or amount. Easily split a bill in a single click using our POS software.

Multiple payment modes

Allow customers the convenience of paying in the method of their choice by cash, cheque, debit/credit card, Loyalty/Reward points etc. Edit bill tax, direct bills to room folio for in-house guests and add bills to credit account for regular guests.


Create multiple menus

Create as many menus as required for each occasion, such as breakfast special, seasonal menu etc. Easily change menus and add/remove items according to daily availability.

Order customization

The guest can select a food item from each category with ease and go easily back and forth between different menu sections. Item modifiers offers the guest to make specific requests and create various combos.

Set different rates and taxes

Items rates and taxes may differ based on whether the order is dine-in, room-service, delivery or take-away. Configure all these different rates and taxes for each item easily in the system for smooth billing. Set the dates and times to make automatic changes to the price of selected items, as during special discount season/happy hours.

 POS Software for Hotels & Restaurants Kerala


Real-time tracking

Monitor your up-to-date inventory and ingredient levels at any time and place orders well in advance so that restaurant operations can continue without any interruption. You can also monitor levels of intermediate and manufacturing items.

Level alerts

You can set maximum and minimum alerts for an item, and the system alerts you whenever the stock level reaches a threshold.

Manage stores

Transfer items easily from the main store to sub stores and inventory gets updated automatically.

Set rates for each item

You can set different rates for each item, based on last purchase, weighted average etc, so that calculations are made easy.


Eliminate the use of traditional paper menu which is fixed and requires your staff to take the order in person. Your customers can happily book from their own phone or tablet and their orders are instantly visible in the kitchen dashboard.

More sales

A digital menu can be constantly updated with latest promotional offers and stunning imagery of food items that prompt guests to order, thereby boosting sales.

Speedy service

Automation of orders and kitchen/staff management enables quicker delivery of services and higher table turnover rate.

Easy menu editing

Digital menus can be updated regularly with regard to menu style, items and new offers without worrying about extra printing costs associated with traditional paper menus.

Powerful visual appeal

Include high-definition images of food items to promote your latest restaurant specials.

Interactive guest experience

An interactive menu style loaded with images and descriptions of each item gives each guest a fresh and unique experience.

Offline operation

The app works even in offline mode, so no data is lost in case of downtime or connectivity issues at the restaurant premises.

Multi-language support

Guests can easily change the language of the digital menu to choose their order in their preferred regional language.

Guest/waiter mode

The app works in dual mode. In the guest mode, it allows the guest to place an order conveniently. In waiter mode, it allows waiters to place the guest orders on the digital menu.

POS integration

The app is tightly integrated with the restaurant POS for the seamless delivery of orders with high efficiency.

Order remarks

The guest can add personal choices in the form of remarks next to each item ordered - e.g. less spicy, less salt etc. The remarks can be given for the entire order or for individual items.

Search tool

Guests can save time and search for any specific food item using the quick search tool.

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