What is Hotel Bozz?

The Ultimate Hospitality Solution

Hotel Bozz is a total package that digitizes every aspect of the hotel industry. It features a responsive website, Mobile site and mobile app (Android + iOS), along with the main hotel management software (ERP). Run the various departments of your hotel through a single interface. Manage inventory and rates easily across several distribution points and automatically receive bookings on your front desk in real time. Get instant reports to track your performance in real time and make informed decisions. Avail the use of intensive digital branding and marketing tools to maximise customer reach.

Hotel Business Package Kerala

Why Hotel Bozz?

Get all work done in one place, with the boss of all products!
Less Hassle
Restaurant Management System Kerala
Greater Returns
Hotel Business Package Kerala
Happy Guest
Hotel Management Software Kerala

Enhance your online presence

Gone are the days when word-of-mouth sales and bookings through agents brought you customers. Today internet bookings are becoming the biggest source of clients, and OTAs are the most popular choice for direct booking. Hence it is essential to have a well-designed website to promote your hotel brand and integrate with OTAs for maximum sales.

Drive sales through mobiles

Mobiles are the most used medium for making bookings. Majority of guests nowadays are tech savvy and comfortable using mobile websites and apps for booking. We offer attractive mobile solutions that appease the mobile-centric traveller.

Automate your business

The hotel industry is seeing a major shift towards using customized software for integrating all critical operations on one platform. Be it front desk activities or managing bookings or handling accounts, get to do everything in one place and stay updated with real data at all times. Increase booking revenues by connecting to various points of sale and distribution.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, most businesses are already competing online in a big way, and mobile-generated business is leading the trend. We provide you a killer digital marketing strategy to stay on top of competition and boost sales using digital means.

Traditional hotel management system

Hotel Business Package Kerala
Leads to oversold and undersold situations because of human errors.
Adhoc updation of channel manager leads to potential sale opportunities being bypassed which result in low OTA page rank.
Ad hoc updation of direct booking engine results in direct sale opportunities getting lost & booking getting diverted back to OTAs charging much higher commissions.
Inefficient guest and payment coordination leading to poor collections , late cancellations and confusions on check-in.
Sales Desk is under the control of one person only.

How Hotel Bozz Works

Restaurant Management System Kerala
Effortlessy manage all online and offline channels from one place. Minimize risk of overbooking / underbooking.
Instant automatic update of hotel rates, inventory and bookings across all channels.
Loyalty program to offer discount coupons/ redeemable loyalty points for repeat customers.
Get instant reports on daily, monthly or yearly basis. Analyse reports on revenue summary, overall occupancy, room status, financial perfomance and more.
Automated rate changes made according to demand - based logic. System automatically fetches the perfect pricing strategy based on preset pricing conditions.
Hotel Business Package Kerala

The Hotel Bozz advantage

Booking Chart Manager
  • Cloud-based collaborative booking chart enables multiple users to manage bookings from any location and using any device.
Auto sync Booking Engine
  • Automatic updation of inventory and rate information to the booking engine. As soon as a room is booked, the booking chart updates automatically
No hidden costs
  • Hotel Bozz is available at the cost of a regular hotel channel manager, but with features like booking chart, email and sms integration included in the package at no extra cost.
Automated alerts
  • Create alerts for scenarios set by the admin, such as rooms held too close to arrival date, room holding expiring soon etc.
Brand website (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Get an amazing website that can grab web traffic and drive conversion. Build a strong brand image online and depend less on online travel agencies (OTA) to sell your rooms.
Auto sync Channel Manager
  • Automatically distribute all available rooms to the different online channels as per rules set by you. No more overbooking/underbooking of rooms.
Paperless Multipart Coordination
  • Say goodbye to endless paperwork. System generated voucher emails can be delivered to guests, agents and in-house recipients. Web-based backup of all booking and revenue information gives real-time data for analysis and better strategic planning.
Ease of operability
  • Hotel Bozz can be easily setup and implemented quickly with minimal training. Unified architecture and Interface manage your booking chart and channel manager using a single login.
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